Best Restaurants for a Romantic Dinner (Napa)

Planning a romantic dinner in Napa Valley is so easy. The place is already romantic in itself, you just need to figure out what restaurant make the most of a lovely evening. Your date will surely fall in love with the menus, and you hope it will work on your favor as well.

Napa Valley has all the elements needed for a romantic date- the gorgeous vineyards, wide selection of first-class wines, and eateries offering mouth-watering dishes. Forget about the flowers, chocolates and love songs for a while. The restaurants in Napa Valley have a lot of ways to make your dining out an unforgettable experience.

Here are some of the best restaurants in Napa Valley:


If you don’t like to eat loaded meals that will make you feel bloated while sitting and having a conversation with your date, CA’ MOMI OSTERIA is the place to be. The restaurant offers light meals and a fun ambiance. Hanging on the brick walls are the works of the restaurant’s resident artist.  Lighting is perfect to highlight the brilliance of the light coming from the Acunto  Napoli wood-burning oven.  Get the taste of perfectly cooked Neapolitan style pizza, an experience that will take you for a moment in Italy. The true Italian flavors are coming from local, organic products from nearby farms and markets.


If you want an extraordinary dining memory, the Napa Valley Wine Train will give you just that. Dining while riding a train in a table set complete with china, sparkling utensil, and elegant linens makes dinner very romantic.  Don’t forget to glance out of the window from time to time to see the valley’s most scenic stretches.  The whole ride will take you back in time. If you don’t like to spend the whole trip on the table, you and your date can wander around and see the whole train.


Celadon is one the hard-to-find restaurants in Napa Valley because it is somewhat hidden in a garden-like pathways near the Napa River. To be exact, it is located in the historic Napa Mill. Once you are here, you can ether choose a table in the courtyard where your eyes will be treated to the scenic surroundings or in the dining room.  The restaurant exudes a cozy ambiance.  Most ordered dishes include fried calamari, scallops and grilled polenta.