About Us

We are a friendly community of real estate professionals, who have been online since 2006.

We offer a helping hand to anyone in our business, both old and new.

Because we can all remember how hard it was starting out on this path, we wanted to put together a site which resourced properly everything a novice Realtor or real estate agent needs to know. Although this community blog is very much a work in progress, we hope that you will bear with us, whilst it is updated.

On the subject of updates, we would be delighted to hear what you have to say as well – both as simple feedback for our site and also, as bloggers.

If you have something to say about the real estate business or community, why not write it down and send it to us?

The submissions we are looking at are shorter pieces – under five hundred words long – and with a flair for writing. They should entertain, amuse and inform.

All our bloggers are professional real estate agents, but none of them are pro writers – however, we think that we have done well to get them.

We hope you enjoy our blog!