The Napa Valley Travel Guide

People have three reasons to visit Napa Valley- wine, food, and scenery. Where ever you take a glance at Napa, the sights and sounds are such a breath of fresh air. There are vineyards everywhere, you can even see vineyards in the Real Estate Napa Valley neighborhood. The hills are alive; the surroundings are clean and captivating. This is a great place for wine lovers. There are so many world-class wineries, bars, and restaurants that offer some of the best tasting wines in the world.  

The foods are just as amazing as the wines. The ingredients used in creating regional as well as international cuisines are coming from the local farms, which mean they are fresh and as organic as they can be. Here are some of the best spot to enjoy the best Napa Valley has to offer. 

Frog’s Leap 

Many customers’ reviews of this winery imply that it is by far the most relaxed and most enjoyable wine-tasting tour in Napa Valley. Both outside and inside the winery will guarantee to entertain the visitors. It has fruit and vegetable gardens as well as a farmhouse outside. Inside, visitors will be toured in the fermentation and barrel room. The best part of the tour is when the guest can enjoy glasses of wine while sitting from rocking chair on the farmhouse porch enjoying the view of the gardens and the Mayacamas Mountains. 

O’Brien Estate Winery 

Visitors will experience a more personalized service from the staff and tour guide in O’Brien Estate Winery. The tour guides are well-knowledgeable about the history, the services, and some interesting trivia about the winery and Napa Valley in general. Each visitor will be given a welcome glass of wine upon arrival. The winery is also the perfect spot to marvel at the stunning views of Oak Knoll Appellation. To preserve the tranquillity of the place, the management asks that underage family members are not allowed to tour the winery. 

This winery is rich in history. It has been around for almost years and is still sharing delectable wines all over the world. The 19th-century caverns store as much as 2.5 million bottles of exquisite wines. A fascinating part of the tour is going inside the historic caves, for an additional charge. This tour can be booked in advance, as the spots are always fast to fill. During the tour, the visitors will be given complimentary sparkling wine- the vineyard’s specialty.